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A 3D gait analysis uses a number of motion capture cameras synchronised with an instrumented treadmill to understand the kinematics and kinetics of the human body.

The fundamentals of our process relate to four key steps:

  1. Tracking joint motion using retro-reflective markers
  2. Applying a model to the markers to describe the position and orientation of each of your body segments in 3D space
  3. Using this model to describe how your body moves and the forces acting on it when you walk and run
  4. Interpreting the waveforms created by the model to understand your individual gait profile


Marker Set

We apply approximately 50 x 9 mm retro-reflective markers on anatomical landmarks of your feet, legs, pelvis and upper body. The markers allow us to define the dimensions of your body, the oritentation of the axes of your joint, as well as tracking the motion of your body during gait.

In-shoe MS oblique.jpg


Biomechanical model

Over the last five year, the Biomechanists in our lab have been developing their own models to analyse your movement patterns. Utilising our technology, we not only describe the motion of your arms, torso, pelvis, hip and knee, but can also describe the motion of the joints of the foot inside the shoe.



Modelling of your gait profile

You move like no one else in the world, so it is very important we take the time to accurately describe the motion of your joints, as well as the forces acting on your body. We can describe what we call your 'biomechanical profile' during any function task, whether that be walking, running or a sports specific movement.

3D image 3.jpg


Custom gait report

All patients get given a copy of their gait report. We arrange a 30 min appointment in the clinic so that our staff can go through your analysis with you, describing exactlly how each joint of your body moves, the amount of force and location where it is applied to your body, the force required by your body to produce the movement, as well as the power generated by each movement and corresponding work done by the muscles. This allows us to decipher exactly why you might be having the problem you are, what the right shoes for you might be, whether you need orthotics, whether you might need to see other health practitioners or what you can do in your training program to help improve your performance. All reports are provided on a USB with the corresponding video files for you to take away and not only store, but provide to any member of your sports medicine team.


A 3D Gait Analysis at The Biomechanics Lab is truly the most advanced analysis of your movement available anywhere in Australia.

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