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Footwear23rd of January 2019

Back to School Shoes

Kids28th of August 2018

Flat Feet in Kids

Golf13th of August 2018

Avoiding Injury in Golf

With the improvement in training aid technology and swing assessment we are now able to analyse the forces acting on the body during the golf swing- allowing us to better understand the consequences of our movement pathways on both injury and performance.

Plantar Heel Pain29th of July 2018

Predicting the effect of custom foot orthotics in the clinic

Through the use of taping, we are able to predict up to half the effect of how orthotics work in terms of their mechanical function on the foot.

Plantar Heel Pain17th of July 2018

Treating Plantar Heal Pain with Custom Foot Orthotics

Should plantar heel pain be treated with custom foot orthotics?

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Kids9th of July 2018

The Developing Child

The varying speeds at which children develop are often a cause for concern for parents, but are these warranted concerns or a part of the 'normal' developmental process?

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Plantar Heel Pain5th of July 2018

Designing Orthotics to Treat Plantar Heel Pain

Chris recently lectured in New Zealand around how orthotics can work to help reduce the symptoms of plantar heel pain.

AFL28th of June 2018

The Lisfranc Joint Injury

Have you been wondering what the injury is behind the indefinite sidelining of AFL stars Rory Sloane and Daniel Wells?

General9th of April 2018

Achilles Tendon Pain

Achilles Tendinopathy is one of the most common presentations of leg pain podiatrists see in the practise. Whether you run or walk for exercise, think of the pain being a result of overuse in that your exercise volume or intensity has exceeded.

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