Our approach to custom foot orthotics

We pride ourselves on manufacturing the most comfortable and supportive foot orthotics.


So what makes our orthotics work so well?


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It is important to understand orthotics are not just arch supports.

We use orthotics to change the forces applied to the joint of the body so we can reduce pain and improve function.


The orthotic process starts with a detailed understanding of your history and a diagnosis of your current problem. It is then important we understand the cause for your problem as this is what we will be targeting when using foot orthotics as part of your treatment.

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Once we decide to include foot orthotics as part of your treatment, the following process occurs.

  1. A detailed biomechanical analysis is performed. This includes both a gait analysis as well as a detailed assessment fo the structure and function of your joints. This forms the basis of your orthotic prescription.
  2. A 3D scan of your feet is taken. At The Biomechanics Lab, we use custom designed software by Footwork Podiatric Laboratory to design all of our foot orthotics. We will discuss case directly with the lab, ensuring they understand exactly what we want in the orthotic.
  3. 3D printing manufacturing techniques are used to produce your custom made orthotics. Note these normally take 7-10 business days to produce.
  4. We catch up to dispense your orthotic. These are fitted to your shoes, and any modifications required to optimize fit, comfort and function can we made in our onsite orthotic laboratory. We then explain the wear-in process and send you out to get used to your new orthotics.
  5. A follow-up at 2 weeks to review your orthotics. How are they going, what could be done (if anything) to improve them.


We are motivated by producing orthotics for our patients that exceed expectations. We pride ourselves on the attention to detail, the customized designs and the resultant comfort and function of our orthotics.


If you are in need of new orthotics, have foot pain or want to chat to us about your podiatry needs, please reach out and make an appointment.


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Dr Chris Bishop (PhD)
Director | The Biomechanics Lab