Is it a problem if my child has flat feet?

The short answer to this question is no!

It is totally normal for us to display 'flat-feet' during our formative years when the musculoskeletal system is developing. Forces applied to the foot during the first years allow the bone structure to develop- this will continue until approximately 7 years of age when the skeletal structure responsible for forming our 'arch'  has fully developed.

It is important to note that foot type is variable and just because your child may display a flatter foot type does not mean they are necessarily predisposed to injury or delayed lower limb development.

Foot type is often hereditary

We can often get an insight into how our children's feet will develop by looking at our own. If there is a familial history of lower limb injury then this could be a flag for further assessment.

Most importantly listen and observe your children

It's the best way to pick up if something is wrong. Are they keeping with their friends? Are they constantly tripping over or complaining of being tired? Or are they wearing through shoes quicker than their siblings or friends?  These are all signs that something could be impacting upon your child's ability to be active.

Young bodies develop quickly, sometime too quickly, therefore it is important that if needed, treatment or management strategies are implemented as soon as possible. As such, I suggest regular annual lower limb developmental reviews of your child. 

For more information regarding our pediatric developmental assessments please contact Rob.

Dr Chris Bishop (PhD)
Director | The Biomechanics Lab