Warranted Concern or 'normal' development?

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The Developing Child- warranted concern, or ‘normal’ development?

Children develop at varying speeds and as such,  it can be difficult for parents to determine what is considered to be normal development and what is not. At The Biomechanics Lab I am frequently faced with this situation; parents concerned that their son or daughter is not travelling on the ‘normal’ developmental pathway. What we do know is that each child’s journey through development will differ according to the experiences and opportunities that they are provided.

However, the question remains; when should we seek further assistance to ensure there is no cause for concern?  I have summarised below 5 key things to look for that when presenting may prompt us to seek expert assessment.

5 Concerns_ Developing Child.png

Stay tuned for further insights into my experience with all things peadiatrics development  at The Biomechanics Lab. Feel free to contact our clinic should you require further information.

Rob Parish,

Senior Podiatrist, The Biomechanics Lab


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