Introducing Steph Howard

I want to take a moment to introduce myself as one of the Podiatrists at The Biomechanics Lab - Malvern.


I have been part of the TBL family for over 12 months and its with great excitement that I join the Malvern team under the banner of Move for Better Health.



As a Podiatrist, I am motivated by positive outcomes.

My treatment approach is strongly rooted in taking a thorough medical and clinical history that takes into consideration all aspects of a patient’s situation. In conjunction with a detailed assessment, this helps ensure that an accurate diagnosis is made. I make sure that I am 100% aware of my patients goals and keep them in the forefront of my mind throughout the entire treatment journey. I use information from a my assessment of muscle function, range of motion and neuromuscular control to help build a clinical picture, that along with a detailed gait analysis, can then identify the structures responsible for the pain and the reason why they are symptomatic. 


Once an accurate diagnosis is made, I empower my patients to take control of their long-term health by educating them about why they are experiencing pain.

I work collaboratively with them to create a treatment plan to best manage their symptoms that best suits their busy lives.


Treatment is initially focussed on reducing pain through manual therapy, taping, shoe wear advice and offloading strategies. Long term strategies are about building strength and control and exceeding patient expectations so that they can surpass their goals.

I take great pride in creating strong, trusting relationships with my patients and believe that open, honest communication is imperative to reaching their goals.


It is exciting to be part of the Move family, and I look forward to meeting you around the clinic.


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Steph Howard (B.Pod)
Podiatrist | The Biomechanics Lab