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General9th of May 2014

How gait analysis helps you!

Gait analysis measures movement patterns in people who have complex conditions involving the muscles, joints, nerves and bones.

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General7th of May 2014

When science meets the clinical world: implications for athletic footwear

I have always been a strong advocate of the role footwear has as an input to the musculoskeletal system. It’s a powerful manipulator of human movement.

General15th of April 2014

Our approach to reporting how you move

Combine individual sports, different surface terrains, variability in footwear designs and the increase in orthotic and bracing use, and we have a situation which requires careful consideration.

General8th of April 2014

About our lab

Our vision is to create a world class centre for the assessment of musculoskeletal injury and an educational / research environment intended to push the boundaries of sports science.

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