World-leading 3D Running analyses available at The Biomechanics Lab / gait-analysis / 3d-run-analysis

Simply put - running is different to walking.

Everyone is different; you have your own DNA and you run like no one else in the world.

Our approach is to understand your body, your running goals and how your body functions when you run.

We analyse you running at different speeds, in different shoes, and in different fatigue states. All in an attempt to understand how we can reduce your risk of injury whilst improving your performance.

In our Running Lab, we offer three levels of running analysis (please click on each package for further detail):

  1. Bronze Package
  2. Silver Package
  3. Gold Package

In addition to these packages, we also offer a range of other services for runners.

Please navigate the left menu to understand more about our 3D Run service and how we cna help you run further and faster than ever before.