Optimise your technique to perform better

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There is no such thing as a perfect technique.

At The Biomechancis Lab, we don't try to make you normal or move you towards a pre-set status quo. We embrace your individuality and look to assist you in understanding why you move the way you do, and what can be done to improve your technique and overall performance. 

Our 3D Technique analysis can be applied to the following situations:

  • Jump landings following knee injury/surgery (especially ACL reconstructions of the knee).
  • Power generation throw the jump. This has particular relevance in ballistic sports like volleyball or football where vertical jump heigh is important.
  • Lateral ankle instability. A 3D change of direction assessments, whether that be in sports such as netball or football, can provide you with strategies to better inform rehabilitation.
  • Bike fit
  • Rowing analysis
  • Throwing technique

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