Clinical staff that are widely acknowledged as some of the best in their field.



Dr Chris Bishop PhD

Founder & Senior Podiatrist

Special interest in orthopaedic surgery, running injuries and 3D gait analysis.


Tom May

Senior Podiatrist

Special interest in sport podiatry, injury prevention and rehabilitation.


Steph Howard


Special interest in female athletes, rehabilitation & chronic disease.


Danielle Champion

Senior Podiatrist

Special interest in Chronic Disease and Arthritis management

Biomechanics and Sports Science


Rhi Campbell

Senior Biomechanist

Experienced in biomechanics, gait analysis and sports science.


Emma Richards

Exercise Scientist

Experienced in exercise science, biomechanics and gait analysis.

Client Experience Team


Lauren Paparella

Executive Assistant

Patient communication, digital content provider and brand management.


Michelle Halimee


I help faciliate the customer journey and patient experience.