What is a Sports Podiatrist? | 4 Reasons to Visit a Sports Podiatrist
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What is a sports podiatrist?

What is a sports podiatrist?

What is a Sports Podiatrist

Sports podiatrists are experienced podiatrists who have a majority of their practice devoted to the treatment of active individuals, weekend warriors and elite athletes.

When considering the right podiatrist for you, you want someone with been there, done that experience. Someone who understand your needs and goals, and someone who has delivered results for patients just like you. 

Benefits of a Sports Podiatrist

Why see a Sports Podiatrist instead of a normal podiatrist for your foot, ankle and leg pain?

  1. Sports podiatrists have the experience in the diagnosis of exercise related injury and can refer for medical imaging when needed.
  2. Sports Podiatrists have great experience in biomechanical analysis of running, jumping, landing and change of direction.
  3. Sports podiatrists are experts in footwear and how to prescribe it to you and for your sport. This includes understanding how the foot functions and how best to use bracing and orthotic during sport.
  4. Sports Podiatrists develop load management strategies and utilise exercise prescription to improve strength and functional control of movement.

All of this experience is integral to delivering outcomes, reducing risk of injury and optimising athletic performance.

Sports Podiatrists at The Biomechanics Lab

At The Biomechanics Lab, our sports podiatrists treat the full range of active and sporting patients. Although we are fortunate to work with elite sports team in Adelaide across the sports of AFL/AFLW, cricket, netball, athletics, triathlon and cycling, we also treat active members of the general population who are experiencing exercise related pain or want to increase the volume of what they do.

We work within a custom built sports medicine facility with the latest 3d gait analysis technology, a physiology lab, an onsite strength and conditioning facility and onsite footwear and orthotic lab to provide all the resources our patients need at the time of their appointment. And when needed, we have a large network of sports doctors, radiologists and surgeons that we can call upon to help us manage our patients.

Our belief is you don’t have to be an elite athlete to be treated like one.

Our sports podiatrists work with you and your wider health team to deliver you the outcome you want, and that is return to pain free exercise as quickly as possible.

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