Introducing — Your pathway to better health.


We begin with Individual assessments that uncover the root of your problem.


State-of-the-art motion capture technology analyses your movement and force. 


A long term plan, that focusses on strength, control and pain-free movement.

A Sports Podiatry, Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Clinic in Adelaide.


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[ 02 ] — 3D Gait Analysis

Understand how 3D Gait technology can help you.

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[ 03 ] — Strength and conditioning

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The process

We have developed a unique assessment process that defines your path to better health.

Every patient is different. Only once we understand you as an individual can we define a management plan that is focussed on delivering long-term positive outcomes.

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Clinical staff that are widely acknowledged as some of the best in their field.

Dr Chris Bishop

Dr Chris Bishop PhD

Founder & Senior Podiatrist

 Special interst in orthopaedic issues, running injuries and 3D gait analysis.


Tom May

Director & Senior Podiatrist

Special interest in sports podiatry, injury prevention and rehabilitation. 


Steph Howard


Special interest in female athletes, S&C and chronic disease management. 

Danielle Champion.jpg

Danielle Champion

Senior Podiatrist

Special interest in Chronic Disease and Arthritis management

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How we use our services to deliver positive outcomes.

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